Identifying specific pages in exported Confluence data

  • 24 January 2023
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If you are trying to identify specific pages in exported Confluence data, there are a few fields you can leverage to find this information. 

  1. Metadata_File name: This field includes the file name of the resource. The file name is based on the page's subject, and the format will be HTML by default, so this will help you identify pages by name. 
  2. ResourceName: This field includes the Page ID. Page ID and Space ID are the unique identifier and representatives of each Space and Page. Users can edit the title of the Page anytime. Therefore, it's more content than a field. Please note, when reviewing ResourceName, results with pre-fix "att" are likely attachments of pages. 

To identify the Space ID and a Page ID you can deconstruct the URL of the Page. In this example:

The Space ID is JT, and the Page ID is 2254897153 

You can learn more about Onna Export Fields in the Help Center.

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