Making my first Preservation

  • 27 February 2023
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Hello Onna Connect! A customer recently reached out to Support with a few questions regarding making their first Preservation, and I thought it would be helpful to share with the community.

Q: We have a full sync of our Slack workspace in Onna. There are a group of people whose DMs I need to preserve indefinitely. I created my first Preservation, added the custodians, and selected that I wanted to hold onto their DMs and MPDMs (not public or private channels). When should I expect messages to appear in the Preservation? Will the data in the Preservation differ from what I see in the full Slack Archive workspace?

A: When you navigate to the Preservation, you will see the data sources selected to be preserved. You can perform searches against both sources or drill down to an individual source to execute a search. Once the Preservation has finished retaining the required resources, the status will update to 'Synced.' 

Please note, if the Preservation does not have an end date, the status of the Preservation may change back to 'Processing' due to additional resources syncing into Onna that match the preservation criteria.

Any resource found in a Preservation will also be found in the original source that it was synced under.

What questions do you have about Preservations? Please add them below; we're happy to help.

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