Does Onna treat filters as an AND or an OR logic?

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The Onna filter panel is a powerful tool that you can use to narrow search results and identify specific custodians, conversations, channels, and more. 

Onna treats all filters as an "or" logic except for the participants' filter. So, for example, if you want to identify all data that includes an image or document file, you can select both filters.

Onna treats the participants' filter differently because we know that users often need to narrow their results to identify conversations between two or more participants. So the more participants selected in the filters panel, the more narrow your search results will be.

In this excerpt from Best practices for searching your Slack data source, @Pedro and @jgolad discuss AND/OR logic and tips for using the filter panel in Onna.

Do you have a set of filters that you have found helpful for narrowing your results? Please share them below.

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